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Our History

Meet the National Award Winning Jangid family – the woodcarving artists of Jaipur who specialise in sandalwood miniature carvings. Mahesh Jangid, and his sons, Rohit and Mohit Jangid, use the simplest tools like small iron sticks, knives, and chisels to carve with extreme precision on very small objects. For this family, it is a tradition that has been passed from one generation to another, and something that they deeply honour.

A collection of the simple tools used for the intricate carvings, all done by hand

A collection of the simple tools used for the intricate carvings, all done by hand

45-year-old Mahesh Jangid learned the art of woodcarving from his grandfather at the age of seven- His grandfather, Shri. Malchand Ji Jangid, a resident of Churu in Rajasthan, was an amazing sandalwood craftsman who won the national award in 1971 and a special award the very next year from the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

Mahesh has ensured that the skill stays in the family by devoting his life to this art form- 

Love of detail: Mahesh Jangid at work on a sitar with its many secret chambers.

Mahesh Says: "I will continue to do this work for the rest of my life because carving has no limits. How much we do and how far we go is all up to us. I like that we always get to do new things, new designs, more miniature work, etc. I would not have this kind of freedom with any other job. I am absolutely addicted to my work and so happy that I have the talent to do this,"


Mahesh Jangid (3rd generation) on May 20, the Jangid family had moved base from Churu in Rajasthan to Jaipur, the capital of the state. Along with his family, including the two little sons, It was going to be a monumental event for the family. He was the third generation to have learnt the craft of miniature carving and was moving to the big city hoping to make it bigger. With the skill honed under the tutelage of his father and grandfather (MALJI JANGID), some tools of the trade and dreams of making it big, the family moved to Jaipur. It was tough. It helped that there were some who admired his craft and were ready to buy the intricately carved products he made on sandalwood.

Next generation of artisans- Mohit & Rohit Jangid: 

MALJi | Online Art Gallery Started by 4th Generation of Jangid family, and Mohit Jangid and Rohit Jangid from the family started this Company for Art lovers and Carvers, becouse they belongs from wood carving so they know the Value of this Wood Carving Culture & Saving This Culture for next generations.


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