Mohit Jangid, a Sandalwood Carving Artist Whose Family Has Received Eleven National Awards:

Carrying forward the artistic legacy of his great grandfather, Mohit became a sandalwood carving artist and dreamed of opening a museum to display his family’s artwork.


( Museum of Wood Carving )

Experience the captivating story of Shri. Mal Chand Jangid, the legendary master of miniature sandalwood wood carving. The Jangid family, renowned for their wood carving skills since the Mughal era, initially specialized in creating thresholds and architectural elements like others in their trade. However, Mal Chand ji elevated their craft to new heights by crafting exquisite miniatures with the smallest tools and blocks of wood he could find. Despite enduring poverty and illness, Mal Chand ji remained devoted to his artistry, creating intricate masterpieces that caught the eye of a local businessman, Mr. Nahta, who became his patron.

Experimenting with different woods, Mal Chand ji finally discovered sandalwood in the early 1960s, which became the foundation of the Jangid family's tradition of miniature sandalwood wood carving. Within a decade, Mal Chand ji's talent and prolific work earned him the National Award for Wood Carving in 1971, and a special award from then-Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi, the following year. His masterpiece, the Rajasthani Doll, bedecked in all the elements of traditional Rajasthani clothing and jewelry, won him the award. The doll has 11 secret compartments that open to reveal scenes from the lives of local legends and heroes, embodying all that Rajasthan holds dear - honor, valor, and beauty.

He was held in high esteem by his admirers and was affectionately referred to as the 'Badam Wala' owing to his remarkable opening sculptures. His exceptional sandalwood work was equally revered and earned him the title 'Chandan Ke Chitere'. It is evident that his passion for his craft was reflected in the awe-inspiring pieces he created, which continue to captivate and inspire art enthusiasts to this day