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Wood Carving Online Experience by Jangid Family, Jaipur

When it comes to wooden artwork, sandalwood tops the charts. There is a family of artists in India which carve out sandalwood to create masterpieces that would leave you awestruck. They call it - the miniature wood-carving, one of the finest in the world. 

About the Artist

Meet the three famous 'Jangids' of India's northwestern town of Jaipur who have carved out niche for themselves in the world of wood-carving. The artists Mahesh Jangid and his two sons get onto their jobs in their workshop at his home every morning untill sunset - all to carve-out miniature designs of delicate sandalwood. 

What you’ll do

The Jangid Family's wood carving workshop aims to introduce you to the various methods and styles of wood carving.

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Booking Details

Artist Name- Mahesh Jangid

Fee- $50 USD for 30 Minutess 
(Experience will be provided by Video Conference)

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